Posted by: thetopsecret | 1 March 2009

RESETER CANON PG40 PG41 Ink Counter Catrige

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RESETER CANON PG40 PG41 Ink Counter Catrige

Try this

1. Power off printer(Power pada posisi OFF)

2. Hold down STOP/RESET button then Press and Hold down Power button

3. Keep Power button down and Release STOP/RESET button

4. Push STOP/RESET button twice

5. Wait 20-30 seconds – our LED showed Idle

6. Push STOP/RESET button four times

7. Push Power button twice

8. Power off

Next time the printer is started the waste count will have been reset



  1. You directions worked for my canon mx310 “5B00” error message. Thank you so much! I have a Canon and a Epson and both decided to turn against me with the same error messages. I learned online how to reset both. So far so good. I will let you know if the Canon, which I just reset, disables again.
    Take care.

  2. I have searched high and low for Canon MX310 fixes. If any one has a Link or Clue please post. Thx

  3. I’m almost ready to just give up on this and try to find an older printer that works.
    You might all find this interesting, a short film about a guy who went up against the sociopathic might of a printer manufacturer:

  4. i too could not get anything to work THEN I tried printing a file from WORD — and got a big msg on the screen from the canon folks telling me to hold down the stop reset button for five seconds if i wanted to resume printing even though my ink was empty (yeah, they knew i refilled it myself). this works for files since then, though i haven’t powered off my computer or printer yet. so if you keep a test file handy with one char, and print it when you get the error msg, voila

  5. Sorry! I own Canon Pixma MP 140.

  6. Do what i Do, E-5 appears… Maybe Chips of Cartriges are dead.And nobody knows how reset them.

  7. I have the same problem with an MX310, two presses of reset button gives ‘Factory Mode 1’ which does nothing, and three presses gives ‘Factory Mode 2’ which has several useless test options, but no ‘shipping’ test page etc.
    If anyone knows how/if the problem can be solved on an MX310 please let us know.

    I was given this printer, but I will be encouraging everybody I know to boycott HP and Canon for this straight-up extortion of their customers over ink.

  8. I ended up holding the stop/reset button down for 20-30 seconds and it finally reset. you might try that with the power button too.

  9. Reply : Phil

    describe your problem first… maybe we can help you.


  10. Replay : AstonMike

    basicly you have to use manual hardware resetting instruction with the type of your printer first. then use software resetting instruction.

    good luck.

  11. I have an MX320 and have exactly the same problem as cmfd70 described. Any ideas please???

  12. None of these solutions work….any other ideas

  13. Erm… pretty easy to reset the ink level. But it might result your computer unable to read your chips inside the refilled catridge. If so, try again from step 1 to 16.
    1. Disconnect the power cable
    2. Connect it while holding down the power button
    3. With the power button still down, press twice the “Cancel/Stop” red button
    4. Release the power button
    5. The printes turns into a kind of factory mode…(wait for about 10 seconds, utils it says “Idle”)
    6. Press the “>” (next to the “OK” button) once.”Shipping Mode 3″
    7. Press the “OK” button.
    8. Press “OK” again for “Without cleaning”
    9. A test page will print..
    10. Open the cover, like you are about to change the cartridges.
    11. Disconnect the power cable again.
    12. Take out both cartridges.
    13. Close the cover.
    14. Connect the power cable once again.
    15. Turn the printer on.
    16. Now just put the cartridges back…

  14. I have canon pixma MX310. I can enter service mode (step5) and step 6 only go back and forth from the power light to the alarm light and does not reset ink level. Is there different steps after step 5 for the MX310?

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